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The Gold Medal Schools Awards Program (GMS) recognizes Utah’s schools that create opportunities for students to eat healthy, be active, and stay tobacco-free.

How to Apply:

  1. Review the award requirements and choose the level you will be working toward. Award levels are:
    • Bronze
    • Silver
    • Gold
    • Platinum
  2. Identify which criteria you will be working on.
  3. See the "Award" information and application page at the Gold Medal Schools Web site.
  4. After completion of award requirements, submit completed application with the handling fee (if applicable).

Award Categories:

  • Bronze: A school must complete the following six criteria:
    1. 90 minutes of structured physical activity each week
    2. Teach the State Office of Education Nutrition Curriculum
    3. Walk the Gold Medal Mile
    4. Write and enforce the Safe and Active Routes to School policy
    5. Write and enforce the Tobacco policy
    6. Complete the Heart Health Survey
  • Silver: Must complete the Bronze and the three following Silver criteria:
    1. PTA/PTO coordinate one health related event per year
    2. Implement staff and wellness activities
    3. Offer a variety of competitive and non-competitive physical activity programs
  • Gold: Must complete the Bronze, Silver and the following three Gold criteria:
    1. All Pre K-12 physical education courses be overseen by a PE specialist
    2. No food rewards
    3. Complete four of the nine options from the Changing the Scene Program.
  • Platinum: Must complete the Bronze, Silver, Gold and the five following Platinum criteria:
    1. Strengthen school community council
    2. Healthy choices @ school events vending machines school stores, fundraisers, and other venues
    3. Staff/faculty wellness program
    4. Involve families communities
    5. Recess before lunch or adequate eating time


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