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Self-Management Program Summaries

Living Well with Chronic Conditions

This is a 6-week self-management workshop that empowers those with any type of ongoing illness or pain (i.e. chronic condition) with the knowledge and skills needed to better manage their condition(s) and life. Classes teach you how to manage various symptoms, reduce pain and stress, cope with fatigue, use medications wisely, benefit from physical activity, set weekly goals, problem-solve effectively, relax and handle difficult emotions. Learn more about Living Well classes and find the schedule here.

Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program (AFEP)

The AF Exercise Program teaches exercises developed specifically for people with arthritis or related conditions by physical therapists. This low-impact class can be done either sitting or standing. These gentle, joint safe exercises relieve stiffness and decrease arthritis pain. Studies have shown participation in this class for four months reduced pain from arthritis by 24%. For more information on the program, visit the Arthritis Foundation’s page. See the local class schedule here.


EnhanceFitness focuses on stretching, flexibility, balance, low impact aerobics, and strength training exercises for those with arthritis or related conditions. Exercises can be done either sitting or standing, and are proven to decrease arthritis pain in a fun, dynamic environment throughout the Salt Lake County Active Aging Program. For more information go here.

Walk With Ease

The Walk With Ease program helps participants develop a walking plan to meet their particular needs, helps them stay motivated and teaches how to exercise safely. The program helps in managing pain, reducing stress, boosting energy and controlling weight. Walk With Ease is tested to increase physical activity, increase walking distance and speed, decrease pain and decreased depression. For more information about the Walk With Ease program visit the Arthritis Foundation page, or contact the local coordinator here.

Arthritis Foundation Aquatics Program

This program combines the buoyancy of water and the soothing warmth of a heated pool to create an ideal environment for relieving arthritis pain and stiffness. Gentle movements used in the program increase joint flexibility and range of motion, while restoring or maintaining muscle strength. In one research study, individuals who attended this class for four months reduced their pain by 18% and increased joint function by 25%. Other studies have shown improvement in muscle strength and overall mood. For more information on the program, visit the Arthritis Foundation’s page. See the local class schedule here.


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