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Current Partners

Creating partnerships is key to the Utah Arthritis Program's success in helping people control their arthritis.

Partners offering workshops:

Organization Coordinator Phone Email Programs
Bear River Association of Governments Marion Layne   mlayne@tremontoncity.com AFEP
Center for Persons with Disabilities Jen Morgan (801) 599-2016 jen.morgan@usu.edu CDSMP, CPSMP, LWD
Central Utah Public Health Department Pam Goodrich (435) 864-3612 pgoodrich@utah.gov CDSMP
Davis County Health Department and Aging Services Priscilla Angulo (801) 525-5087 pangulo@co.davis.ut.us CDSMP, DSMP, Tomando
Five County Association of Governments DaCota Terry (435) 673-3548, ext. 134 dterry@fivecounty.utah.gov CDSMP, DSMP, CPSMP, AFEP, WWE
HealthInsight Perrin Anderl (801) 892-6608 panderl@healthinsight.org CDSMP, DSMP
Hispanic Health Care Task Force Jeannette Villalta (801)-888-8327 smile38@live.com Tomando
Intermountain Healthcare Karyn Gingras (385) 775-4173 Karyn.Gingras@imail.org CDSMP, DSMP, CPSMP, Tomando
Intermountain Healthcare (Chronic Pain Program) Rebbi Burdett (801) 507-8078 Rebbi.Burdett@imail.org CPSMP
National Tongan American Society Ivoni M. Nash (801) 467-8712 ivoni@ntasutah.org CDSMP, DSMP
Salt Lake County Active Aging Program Marianne Christensen (385) 468-3084 mhchristensen@slco.org CDSMP, DSMP, Tomando, EF, WWE, AFEP
Salt Lake County Active Aging Program Erika Thompson (385) 468-3088 ethompson@slco.org CDSMP, Tomando, DSMP
Salt Lake County Active Aging Program Jayme Haight (385) 468-3083 Jhaight@slco.org EF, WWE, AFEP
Tooele County Health Department Sherrie Ahlstrom   sahlstrom@tooelehealth.org AFEP, CDSMP, EF
University of Utah Community Clinics Lindsay King (801) 213-6675 Lindsay.King@hsc.utah.edu CDSMP, DSMP, Tomando
Utah County Health Department Carrie Bennett (801) 851-7035 carrieb@utahcounty.gov CDSMP, DSMP
Utah County Health Department Stephanie Jones StephH@utahcounty.gov CDSMP, DSMP
Veterans Affairs Joan Heusser (801) 582-1565, ext. 4246 Joan.Heusser@va.gov CDSMP, WWE, AFEP
Veterans Affairs Sara Mickelson (801) 582-1565, ext. 149 Sara.Mickelson@va.gov WWE
Weber Human Services Nobu Iizuka   nobui@weberhs.org CDSMP, Tomando, AFEP, WWE, EF
Weber-Morgan Health Department Jesse Bush   jbush@co.weber.ut.us CDSMP and CPSMP

Additional valuable partners:


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