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The costs of running Living Well workshops:

Staff time

Coordinator - The most expensive part is staff time for a coordinator. Depending on the number of workshops an organization intends to offer, we recommend up to a 0.5 FTE for this positions. (See the Coordinator Position Description from our website).  It is estimated that a Coordinator spends about 10-15 hours per workshop, to schedule the time and place, coordinate with Peer Leaders (facilitators), gather materials, and promote ample marketing of the workshop (at least a month prior) to register the minimum 10-12 participants per workshop.  

Peer Leaders
Each workshop requires 2 Peer Leaders, although it is advisable for a new implementation organization to train 3 Peer Leaders in the event that one of the 2 leading a workshop has an emergency and cannot lead the workshop. All workshops  MUST be led be 2 Peer Leaders at all times, as per SMRC's fidelity requirements. 

A Peer Leader Training is 4-days (6 hours/day). Registration costs are $200/Peer Leader, although this cost is currently covered by UAP. If a registered Peer Leader cancels their attendance to the training within 2 weeks before the training's start day, the organization who sent them will be charged a $200 cancellation fee.
If the Peer Leaders must travel a distance to attend the 4-day Peer Leader Training, add in costs for travel, mileage, and lodging if applicable.

Peer Leaders can either be Staff or Volunteers. If staff, their involvement with the program including leading the 6 week workshops, would be counted as part of their job description and staff time or salary.

If the Peer Leader is a volunteer, we recommend providing a Volunteer Stipend to cover the costs of their transportation/mileage to and from workshop site, workshop prep, and coordination. Each implementation organization decides for themselves what their volunteer stipend amount will be and ranges between $75-$300 per Peer Leader per 6 week workshop. An average is around $150/Peer leader per 6 week workshop.

We currently offer any "new" partners, a set of 10 books and 10 CDs for free, to help them with their first workshop. In addition, we offer as an incentive, a set of 10 books & CDs for every 3 sets of workshop data submitted (Attendance Logs and Participant Information Forms) that have a completion rate of 75% or higher. 

Books ($13-15/each depending on bulk order) X 12 participants  = $156

CDs ($10 each) x 12 = $120                     
Flip Charts used by Leaders: $30-50 
Two easels for the charts: 2 x $20-70
Markers: $5-15
Name Tags: paper name tents (free) or name badges up to $20 package
Carrying device/tote large enough to carry materials to site in one trip (some organizations use a folding crate with lid): $25.00
Location is usually free. Most organizations run workshops either out of their office location (if there is a large enough conference room) or local community centers (clinics, libraries, churches, senior centers, recreation centers, etc). We call these "implementation sites" and they vary partner to partner. We encourage all to make sure they are ADA accessible. 
All implementation organization have found a variety of ways to effectively promote, recruit, and register participants into Living Well workshops. Some ideas have included:

Newspaper articles
Radio spots
Bill stuffers
Online community event calendars
Referral cards
Session zero 

We offer resources on our Promotion Materials page, here: http://health.utah.gov/arthritis/partner_resources/materials.html

Referral Cards
We also offer free versions of referral card, you can see here. We encourage partners to cover up the UDOH logo and phone number at the bottom with a label that has their own organization's contact information and logo on it. Organization's are also welcome to develop their own referral cards. Contact UAP if you would like a free stack of these referral cards (100 per stack). 

Session Zero
This is a marketing presentation that can be very effective. Called "session zero" because it is presented prior to the Week 1 of the 6 week workshop, it is essentially an information session that explains the Living Well workshop, its format, content, and outcomes. Many partners have used this among "captive audiences," or community members during a gathering (club night, community event, or another class).  Interested participants are often registered then and there, after the presentation, to attend an upcoming workshop. See the Promotion Materials section (link above) to download a copy of the Session Zero class outline.



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