Air Quality and Asthma

inversion over downtown

It's the time of year when poor air quality becomes a health concern for many Utahns, especially children and those with asthma. These resources can help you protect your health during inversion season:

Air Quality Index

The air quality index (AQI) gives information on current and forecasted air quality conditions. The AQI will help you understand what your local air quality conditions are and what that means for your health. Click here for current AQI conditions in Utah.

For more information on air pollution in Utah, visit

Air Quality Programs for Schools

school flag program

The Utah Asthma Program has two air quality programs for schools, the Recess Guidance and the School Flag Program. You can learn more about these programs here.

  • Recess Guidance - Designed to determine when students should be kept indoors for recess on bad air days.
  • School Flag Program - Designed to increase awareness of air quality among students and the community. This program helps get students involved in checking air quality and learning more about how air quality affects their health.

Asthma Resources:

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