Utah Asthma Program
Utah Asthma Program

Provider Guidelines

The Asthma Provider Manual was developed by Utah providers to address asthma diagnosis, management, and treatment. The manual is based on the 2007 National Asthma Education and Prevention Program’s (NAEPP) Guidelines. The NAEPP also produced an Asthma Care Quick Reference document for diagnosing and managing asthma based off the 2007 guidelines.

The manual includes four sections: Introduction, Pediatric, Adult, and Medications.


        • Introduction (updated June 2008): An introduction of how to use the provider manuals. PDF (406KB)
        • Pediatric (updated June 2008) :Diagnostic and asthma guidelines for adults. PDF (751KB)
        • Adult (updated June 2008): Diagnostic and asthma guidelines for pediatrics. PDF (688KB)
        • Medications (updated 2010): Guide to asthma medications. PDF (1.41MB)
        • For additional guidance and resources, view the AIM Asthma Initiative of Michigan For Healthy Lungs webpage for Health Professionals and Patient/Caregivers: http://getasthmahelp.org/

Patient Education

Asthma Basics

Asthma Management

Asthma Medicine

Asthma and Other Diseases