Utah Asthma Program
Utah Asthma Program

Resources for Schools

School Nurse Asthma Resources

Asthma School Nurse Toolkit: Click here to open a Google Drive folder with materials for the Asthma School Nurse Toolkit. You can view and download materials for each of the education areas in the folder.

What to do in Case of an Asthma Attack: This is a 10 minute presentation for school nurses to provide educators. Click here to download the powerpoint presentation.

Asthma Action Plans

Asthma Action Plan (Español): Ask your doctor for a written Asthma Action Plan for the school. This plan should include asthma symptoms, triggers, medications, and emergency contact information.

Asthma Action Plan, Medication Authorization and Self-Administration Form (Combined Asthma School Form) This link takes you to the Utah School Nurses Guidelines page with both English and Spanish combined asthma school forms available. This form combines all of the forms you need to manage asthma at school. It serves as an asthma action plan, medication authorization, and self-administration form.

Asthma School Training

The Utah Asthma Program offers a free, 15-20 minute asthma training for school staff. The training covers:

  • Asthma basics
  • Triggers
  • Signs and symptoms
  • What to do during an asthma attack

Participating schools receive the Asthma School Resource Manual. This manual was developed by the Utah Asthma Task Force and provides information needed to understand, manage, and control asthma in the school setting. Teachers recieve a laminated General Emergency Protocol for their classroom. To schedule a training, email asthma@utah.gov.


Recess Guidance for Schools

The Utah Recess Guidance is a tool for determining when to hold recess indoors due to poor air quality. The Guidance provides recommendations for recess based off PM2.5 levels reported by the Department of Environmental Quality.

We encourage schools in these counties to use the Recess Guidance and DEQ website to determine recess. Ultimately, the final decision on when to hold indoor recess is made by the schools. Below are some steps for implementing the Recess Guidance. Find more school resources here.

Additional Resources


School Programs

ALAOpen Airways for Schools - A six-week program held in school to help students manage their asthma.


WWAWinning With Asthma - An online training for coaches, PE teachers, referees or anyone involved in youth sports.



EPAEPA's Indoor Air Quality "Tools for Schools" Program - A toolkit to help schools improve indoor air quality.



clean citiesIdle Free Utah - A program to improve air quality by reducing vehicle idling.