215-1 Parent

Effective Date: January 1, 2017

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Parents include either legal parents or step-parents.  

1     Legal Parents

A          A biological parent.  This includes a birth mother, or a father whose paternity of the child has been established according to state law.

B           A man presumed to be the biological father when the child is born:

·       during the marriage; or

·       within 300 days of the termination of the marriage.

C          An individual adjudicated by a court to be the child's parent.

D          An individual who has legally adopted a child.

E           An individual confirmed to be the intended parent under:

·       a valid gestational agreement; or

·       assisted reproduction.

2      Step-Parents

The spouse of a legal parent whose parental relationship to the child is only through marriage.  

o      Step-parents have the same financial responsibility as a legal parent for the purpose of determining medical coverage of a child.