801-1 Creating and Maintaining Case Records

Effective Date: March 1, 2017

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1    Creating a Case Record

A           Create a case record for each application received.

B           The case record must include:

a           Date of application and signed application form.

b           Action taken on the application.

c            Reason for decision.

d           Benefit effective date.

e           Information and verifications required to determine initial and on-going eligibility.

f             Information received through exchanges from other sources required under law as described in section 706.

g           Reason for denial or closure.

2    Case Maintenance

A           Re-certification records must include:

a           Review forms if returned by the recipient (may not always be needed).

b           Electronic data match information or other verifications required for re-certification.

c            Actions taken to complete reviews.

d           Decision made on review and reason.

B           Record of changes must include:

a           Change reports including date report was made.

b           Electronic data match information or other verifications of changes.

c            Actions taken on changes.

3    Retention of Records

     Records relevant to current eligibility must be maintained as long as it relates to the individual’s eligibility, plus the retention time frame for that record. See Table VIII for retention time frames of records