801 Case Records

Effective Date:  March 1, 2017


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A case record consists of all information used to determine the case's eligibility.  Paper documents, such as applications, reviews, check-stubs, bank statements, etc., are scanned and saved as part of the individual's electronic case file.  The eligibility system contains eligibility decisions, case narrations, manages notices, creates and manages worker tasks, holds records of benefits issued and interfaces with other electronic systems, as well as other functions.

Another type of case record is the individual’s electronic account. These electronic accounts are transmitted between Medicaid/CHIP and the FFM by secure electronic interface through the Federal Data Services Hub. The electronic account is an electronic file that includes all information collected and generated by the State regarding each individual’s Medicaid eligibility and enrollment, including all documentation required to determine eligibility.

Any confidential information about applicants or recipients is not to be taken out of the office. This includes print outs, copies of documents, and information saved on any electronic device or removable electronic storage device. See section 111 for more information about safeguarding confidential information.