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Here you will find the latest changes to the CHIP Policy Manual.  Return to the Welcome Page.

Obsolete Policy deleted before 2010 has been archived. Contact a DOH eligibility specialist, a DWS program specialist or Dave Baldwin if you need archived policy.


December 2017


701-2 Effective Dates of Certification Period

Table VIII - Date Retention
  • Updated time frame time frames of when a client has to pay any outstanding premiums when the case has been closed.

  • Updated Table VIII as retention time frames have changed to either being 6 years or permanent.


November 2017


202-2.1  Lawfully Present Children
203-4  Determining Residency for Individuals Under 21
203-5  Factors Indicating No Intent to Reside in Utah   
  • Clarified which nonimmigrant status is not considered a Utah resident.

  • Clarified DACA individuals are only eligible for Emergency Medicaid services.


July 2017


805  Case Closure
Clarified when CHIP should be closed in the case of improper coverage.   Also removed obsolete policy.
Table VIII - Date Retention
Clarified when data retention time frames start.


March 2017


Table V -  Telephone Numbers

Phone numbers for DOH and other agencies were removed from the Welcome Page and incorporated into Table V.

601-1  Cost Sharing Requirements

601-1 Resource - Cost Sharing Requirements
  • Cost Sharing contact has been updated.

  • Language about monthly medical cards has been removed.

801 Case Records

801-1 Case Record Requirements

Table VIII - Data Retention (New)

Time frames for data retention have been removed from policy sections and incorporated into a new table.

Table 1 Income Limits

Table 1-A  5% Federal Poverty Level Deduction Amount


Tables were updated with new Federal Poverty Level (FPL).


January 2017

204-2 Residents of Non-Medical Institutions

204-4 Who is a "Resident" of an Institution?

Table VII - Approved Halfway Houses

Individuals residing in certain types of halfway houses are now eligible for CHIP coverage.  A new table listing the qualified halfway houses has been added.

215  Relationship
215-1  Parent
215-2  Establishing Parental Relationship (Eliminated)
230-2  Tax Filer's MAGI Household
230-3 Non-Tax Filer's MAGI Household
Table VI  Verification and Interface Match

o     Defined different household relationships and when to take customer statement on questionable relationships.

o     Clarified who is considered to be a legal parent and how to establish parental relationship.

o     Updated common law marriage policy in regards to filing a federal tax return and common law marriages established outside the State.  

o     Clarified the relationship between a minor parent and their parents and the treatment of a pregnant minor's boyfriend.

o     Clarified how to treat spouses who are separated, not living together and filing a joint tax return.

o     New policy concerning how to comprise the household size when a child is in the process of being adopted, but the adoption is not yet finalized.

o     A new table on acceptable verification and interface matching has been added.

400 Income Standards
701-3  What to do With an Application
705  Verification
Individual with little or no income will need to verify how they are meeting their expenses.