Table VIII Data Retention

Effective Date:  December 1, 2017

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Documents are to be retained for the time frame specified in this table from the date the document was received by the agency.


Document Types

Retention Requirements

  • Applications

Original application for the current span of eligibility is permanent if eligibility has not been interrupted for more than 3 months.  Keep all other applications at least 6 years.

  • Adoption Papers

  • Bill of Sale/Sales Contract/Promissory Note/Repayment Agreement

  • Closed Case (all documents)

  • Court Documents

  • Fair Hearing

  • Handwritten Statements (in any category)

  • Lump Sum

  • Refund Request (79R)

  • Release of Information (114’s)

  • Reviews

  • Tax Filer Information (740/741)

  • Temporary Medical Card (695)

  • COBRA Health Insurance (116C)

  • Employer Health Insurance (116M)

  • Income

  • Investigations

  • Life Insurance/Other Insurance (Misc.)

  • Payments to Business Office/Other Misc. Payments

  • Returned Mail

  • Third Party Insurance (19)


6 Years

  • Citizenship/Alien Status

  • Identity

  • Social Security Number

  • Trusts