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Obsolete Policy deleted before 2010 has been archived. Contact a DOH eligibility specialist, a DWS program specialist or Dave Baldwin if you need archived policy.


March 2018


What's New
Table I - Income Limits
Table I-A - 5% FPL Deduction Amount
  • Tables were update with new FPL figures.


February 2018


601-3  Cost Sharing Exemptions for American Indian/Alaska Native Children

Table VI - Verification and Interface Match
  • Clarifying that the Indian Health Services (IHS) face sheet as verification of American Indian identity.


January 2018


412-3 Whose Income Counts for a MAGI Household
  • Clarified when a dependent is us expected to be required to file a tax return and when Social Security Benefits will count.
705 Verification
705-1 Who Must Provide Verification (deleted)
705-4 Collateral Contacts (retitled)
Table VI - Verification and Interface Match
  • Consolidated the verification items into one area of policy instead of having them scattered around.  Content did not change, just moving them to put it all on one area.


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