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If you have questions about whether your Social Security number was stolen, call Utah's Data Security Ombudsman

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Was Your Social Security Number Stolen? Find out how the data breach may have affected your personal information.

Call the Ombudsman

The easiest way to check if your Social Security number was stolen is to call Sheila Walsh-McDonald, the Ombudsman at 801-538-6923Learn More

Beware of Scammers

No one from the Utah Department of Health, other state agencies, or any private company will call or email you for your personal information, including your SSN. Anyone who does so could be a scammer. Don't give out any information unless you initiated the contact by calling the Ombudsman.

Additional Concerns / Solutions

Unfortunately, there were 280,000 people whose Social Security numbers (SSN) were stolen by the hackers. We deeply regret this and apologize for the breach. We have included a list of frequently asked questions below:

  • What If I Received a Letter?
    If you received a letter indicating your Social Security number had been stolen, you were given an activation code for one free year of credit monitoring from Experian, one of the three national credit bureaus.

    Though the activation codes have now expired, contact the Ombudsman. There are multiple options still available to monitor and protect your credit.

  • What If I Didn't Receive a Letter?
    We know some of the people whose SSNs were stolen didn't receive a letter, likely because we didn't have a current address for them. The State strongly encouraged individuals to call the hotline to verify if their Social Security number had been breached and get assistance from April through September.

  • What If I Threw Away or Lost My Letter? or What If My SSN Was Stolen But I Haven't Received a Letter?
    To verify if your Social Security number was compromised, call the ombudsman at 801-538-6923.

  • What If I Received Two Letters?
    A limited number of people may have received two letters with conflicting information: The first letter stating your SSN had been stolen, while the second one said it hadn't. Disregard the second letter and take steps to enroll in the credit monitoring program. This happened because your information was stored in two places on the breached server. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

  • What If I Received a Letter But Don't Live in Utah and Have Never Been to the State?
    The compromised information included random nine-digit numbers that were not attached to any other information (name, address, date of birth, etc.). However, by coincidence, those nine digits matched your SSN.

    We're sorry for the worry this has caused, but we wanted you to be aware so that you can protect your personal information by activating the free credit monitoring service provided by Experian. We highly recommend you do so.

  • How Do I Verify that My Letter Is Authentic?

    There are several markings on the letter you can use to confirm its authenticity:

    Return address:
    Bureau of Managed Health Care or Utah Department of Health
    PO Box 143108
    SLC, UT 84114-3108

    Top right-hand of letter:
    State of Utah (with State seal above)
    Gary R. Herbert, Governor

    Utah Department of Health
    Division of Medicaid and Health Financing