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Utah Disparities Office Language Help


Utah Department of Heatlh Translation Toolkit and Manual
This guide by the Utah Department of Health, Office of Health Disparities, explains how to achieve high quality translations and provides resources to support this aim.

Translation: Getting It Right
This guide by the American Translators Association explains how to ensure that your translated documents are successful.

Utah Department of Human Services Glossary of Terms

English/Spanish Managed Care Glossary of Terms
This glossary provides offical translations for many government health programs and suggests translations for many medical and healthcare terms.


Medical, Medical Spanish Dictionary

Computer Translators
Internet computer translators are free services that translate short blocks of text. They are excellent when used as a first step in the translation process. However, they make many errors. A person who speaks both languages fluently must review and revise their output. For tips to use computer translators most effectively, see Translation Tips for Amateur Translators.

Alta Vista Babelfish Translation Translator

Google Language Tools

Translation Booth

SDL International Free2Professional Translation

Translation Tips for Amateur Translators
When professional translation is not an option, here are some ideas for easier and better quality translation with the help of free internet resources.

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Language Interpreters for Utah Medicaid, CHIP, PCN and UPP

The Center for Multicultural Health has created a brochure in nine languages explaining how to access medical interpreters through Medicaid and other state health insurance programs. Print copies are available by contacting 1-888-222-2542 or

Language Interpreters for Utah Medicaid, CHIP, PCN and UPP

Utah Department of Health Interpretation Toolkit
This toolkit created by the Utah Department of Health, Office of Health Disparities, provides guidance to department of health and local health department personnel through step-by-step procedures to promote accurate and effective verbal interpretation processes.

Telephone Interpreting in Health Care Settings: Some Commonly Asked Questions
This article, published by the American Translators Association, explains when and when not to use telephone interpretation.

Working with Interpreters in Health Care Settings
This brief fact sheet outlines important tips for working with an interpreter successfully.

Better Communication, Better Care
This powerpoint presentation explains legal issues surrounding interpretation and options for interpretation.

Certification of Health Care Interpreters in the United States
This report, published by the California Endowment in September 2006, describes efforts to create certification processes for medical interpreters in several states.

Utah Medicaid, PCN and CHIP Interpretive Services
Interpretive services for a healthcare visit are free for Medicaid, PCN and CHIP clients. For people enrolled in a health maintenance organization (HMO), the HMO is responsible for providing the interpreter. For clients who are not enrolled in an HMO, Utah Medicaid pays for the interpreter. The provider is responsible to arrange for an interpreter. Medicaid contracts with several interpretive agencies. When the provider calls, the agency needs to know the client's Medicaid identification number, the language needed, and the date, time and place for the medical appointment. The interpreter may either meet the client at the doctor's office for the appointment or use a telephone conference call. The free translation service is available statewide and also for after-hours care.

National Standards of Practice for Interpreters in Health Care
These standards for competent interpretation were developed by the National Council on Interpreting in Health Care.

Interpretation Companies Lists
These lists have been compiled by various organizations for the benefit of their members. They may be used as a reference when discovering some of the professional interpretation options available. OHD has not evaluated or endorsed any of these services.

The Central Coast Alliance for Health

Utah Medicaid Interpretive Services contractors

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