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AIS Data File Format (Complete Data Set)

Incident Number71-7
Incident Date68-13YYMMDD
Patient Last Name2014-33
Patient First Name1534-48
Patient Initial149
Service License Number550-54
Incident Street2566-90
Incident City1591-105
Incident State2106-107
Incident Zip Code5108-112
Incident County Code2113-114
Location Code1115
Patient Source Code3116-118
Dispatch Code3119-121
Dispatch Date6122-127MMDDYY
Time Incident Reported4128-131HHMM
Time Dispatch Notified4132-135HHMM
Time Dispatched4136-139HHMM
Time Enroute4140-143HHMM
Time Arrived Scene4144-147HHMM
Time Arrived Patient4148-151HHMM
Time Left Scene4152-155HHMM
Time at Destination4156-159HHMM
Time Back in Service4160-163HHMM
EMT 16164-169EMT Number
EMT 1 Level Code1170
EMT 26171-176
EMT 2 Level Code1177
EMT 36178-183
EMT 3 Level Code1184
EMT 46185-190
EMT 4 Level Code1191
Fluid Exposure1192Y/N
CPR Prior to EMS Arrival1193Y/N
CPR Prior by Citizen1194Y/N
CPR Prior by 1st Responder1195Y/N
Safety Equipment in Use1196Y/N
Suspicion of Alcohol/Drugs1197Y/N
Odometer Begin4198-201
Odometer Scene4202-205
Odometer End4206-209
Patient Home Zip Code5210-214
Patient Race Code1215
Patient Gender1216M/F/U
Patient Age3217-219In years
Patient Date of Birth8220-227MMDDYYYY
CRAMS Circulation1228Not Used
CRAMS Capillary Refill1229Not Used
CRAMS Respiration1230Not Used
CRAMS Respiratory Effort1231Not Used
CRAMS Abdomen/Thorax1232Not Used
CRAMS Motor1233Not Used
CRAMS Speech1234Not Used
CRAMS Score Total2235-236Not Used
Initial Pulse Rate3237-239
Initial Systolic BP3240-242
Initial Diastolic BP3243-245
Initial Respiration2246-247
Initial Temperature5248-252999.9
ECG Code 11253
ECG Code 21254
ECG Code 31255
Glasgow Eye Open1256
Glasgow Verbal1257
Glasgow Motor1258
Glasgow Score Total2259-260
Revised Trauma Score2261-262
Medication Code 13263-265
Medication Code 23266-268
Medication Code 33269-271
Medication Code 43272-274
Medication Code 53275-277
Medication Code 63278-280
Injury/Illness Code 13281-283
Injury/Illness Code 23284-286
Injury/Illness Code 33287-289
Injury/Illness Code 43290-292
Injury/Illness Code 53293-295
Injury/Illness Code 63296-298
Treatment Code 13299-301
Treatment Code 23302-304
Treatment Code 33305-307
Treatment Code 43308-310
Treatment Code 53311-313
Treatment Code 63314-316
Destination Code3317-319
Disposition Code2320-321
Narrative Line 180322-401
Narrative Line 280402-481
Narrative Line 380482-561
Narrative Line 480562-641
Narrative Line 580642-721
Export to State Status1722
Date Record Created6723-728YYMMDD
Date Record Modified6729-734YYMMDD
Date Record Exported6735-740YYMMDD
UpdatedOctober 24, 2006