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Bureau of Epidemiology

Environmental Epidemiology Program

Intermountain Waste Oil Refinery (IWOR)


The IWOR site is located at 995 South 500 West in Bountiful, Davis County, in north-central Utah, about 11 miles north of Salt Lake City. Solvents and other contaminants have been found in the groundwater below the site.

IWOR began operations in 1957, processing waste oil from facilities in Utah, Nevada, Idaho, and Wyoming. A number of different reported operations have occurred at the site, including:

  • The site was originally part of a brick manufacturing facility, encompassing about 20 acres.
  • Handling and refining of waste oil at the site began in 1957 and continued for approximately 35 years before closing in May 1993.
  • In the 1950s, an asphalt business was operating on the site.
  • The Intermountain Oil Company (IOC) operation was originally a trucking business that hauled various petroleum products to customers from the site.
  • The oil blending business commenced in the 1970s.

The site was proposed for listing on the National Priorities List (NPL) in October of 1999 and finalized on May 11, 2000.

A Public Health Assessment (PHA) was conducted for the IWOR site and surrounding areas. The PHA was completed in 2003.

  • Public Health Assessment
    • The PHA evaluated the potential for long-term health impacts in the community.
    • The IWOR site poses NO public health hazard under current conditions. Most of the problem soil and subsurface soil has been removed by the EPA, as well as tanks, drums, and the contents of the underground storage tank.