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Environmental Epidemiology

South Davis County

Dioxin Concerns in North Salt Lake

In September 2013, the Environmental Epidemiology Program (EEP), Utah Department of Health (UDOH), received a request from the Utah Governor’s office for technical assistance regarding an environmental concern. The concern focused on potential health effects of
exposures to dioxins released from the Stericycle medical incineration facility.

To address these concerns, the EEP developed an initial report to address health questions associated with exposures to dioxins and furans as well as a summary of the past dioxin/furan soil sampling in that area.

Click below to view the EEP's Air Modeling Health Consultation for the Stericycle medical waste incinerator:

Stericycle Medical Waste Incinerator Air Modeling Health Consultation (2/20/2014)

Click below to view the EEP's initial (Tier 1) dioxin report:

Dioxin Technical Assist Tier 1 report (11/7/2013)

Addendum to Dioxin Technical Assist (11/19/13)

Click below to view the original Davis County dioxin soil study done in 2003:

Davis County Soil Dioxin Study (2003)

Click below to view health assessment reports for south Davis County:

South Davis County Cancer Statistical Review (2013)


The EEP is also in the process of collecting new soil samples in the vicinity of the Stericycle facility. This will address concerns of new dioxin/furan accumulation in that area since 2003. Once this data is collected the EEP, in conjunction with the Agency for Toxic Substance and Disease Registry, will develop an in-depth Health Consultation to assess the health impacts of dioxins/furans in this area of North Salt Lake.