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Bureau of Epidemiology

Environmental Epidemiology Program

The Utah APPLETREE team, in cooperation with the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR), is responsible for addressing environmental health issues concerning hazardous waste sites. These responsibilities include public health assessments, health consultations, exposure investigations, and health education.

For more information about each site, see the following links:

Public Health Assessments

Health Consultations

Technical Assists

newATK Solid Rocket Motor Static Tests Air Quality in Layton Homes Benzene in Homes
Bauer Dump & Tailings Blackhawk Resin Company American Fork Canyon/Uintah National Forest Cocaine Residues in Homes
Bountiful/Woods Cross 5th South PCE Plume* Arsenic Exposure in Millard County Culinary Drinking Dinotefuran Pesticide
Davenport and Flagstaff Smelters* Brigham City Sand and Gravel Pits newDioxins in North Salt Lake (Addendum)
Eureka Mills* Bountiful/Woods Cross Cancer Incidence Epoxy, Grout, and Adhesive Chemicals
Manning Canyon/Fairfield Cottonwood Heights Cancer Incidence Firefighting Foam used on “Foam Days”
Hill Air Force Base* Contaminant Concentrations in Fish from Cutler Reservoir Kennecott Berm Dust Exposure
International Smelting and Refining* newModeled Air Exposures to Incinerator Emissions in North Salt Lake Mosquito Abatement Insecticides
Intermountain Waste Oil Refinery* EMF Proximity to Schools Study Napthalene Blocks in Women's Restrooms
Kennecott (North Zone)* Five Points PCE Plume* newPCE Contaminated Water and Vegetables
Kennecott (South Zone)* Gunlock Reservoir Fish Sampling newRadiofrequency Radiation from Mobile Phone Base Stations
Midvale Slag* Jacob’s Smelter Site* Shish Tobacco Smoke (Hookah)
Monticello Mill Tailings & Monticello Radioactively Contaminated Properties* Layton Cancer Incidence newSilver Iodide Cloud Seeding
Monticello Mill Tailings and Vicinity Properties* MagCorp Chlorine and Hydrogen Chloride Gas Emissions Willard Bay Diesel Spill
Murray Smelter* Mercury in Utah Rivers and Lakes 1990-2005
Ogden Defense Depot* Mill Creek Fish Sampling
Petrochem Recycling Corporation/EKOTEK* Monticello Cancer Incidence  
Red Butte Creek Oil Spill: Analysis of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
Red Butte Creek Oil Spill Silver Creek Tailings  
Richardson Flat Tailing Site* Strawberry Reservoir Fish Sampling  
Rose Park Sludge Pit* newTraverse Mountain, Lehi  
Rose Park Sludge Pit Update (1993)* Tooele Railroad Spur  
Tooele Army Depot (North area)* Utah Lake Fish Sampling  
Utah Power and Light/American Barrel* Valley Asphalt
Wasatch Chemical (Lot 6)* Vermiculite Intermountain and Intermountian Products, Inc.  
  Yuba Reservoir Fish Sampling  

* National Priority List sites in Utah

We Provide:

  • Independent, objective health decisions based upon the best available science and data
  • Health education to minimize exposure
  • Recommendations to the EPA and UDEQ for further monitoring


We Do Not Provide:

  • Remediation or site clean-up
  • Legal advice
  • Environmental sampling and testing
  • Enforcement of regulatory standards
  • Medical attention or health care services


Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
Environmental Protection Agency
Utah Department of Environmental Quality
Cancer and the Environment


Contact us:
Dr. Craig Dietrich ~ Program Manager / Toxicologist
Dr. Nathan LaCross ~ Epidemiologist