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Bureau of Epidemiology

Environmental Epidemiology Program


Contact Information

24 hour Disease/Injury Reporting Number 1-888-EPI UTAH (374-8824) Email:

Address: 288 North 1460 West
P.O. Box 142104
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-2104

Telephone: (801) 538-6191
Fax: (801) 538-6564

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Sam LeFevre Program Manager
Environmental Public Health Tracking Network(EPHT)
Greg Williams Manager
Matt McCord Health Educator
Vacant Epidemiologist II
Emily Bennett Epidemiologist I
ATSDR's Partnership to Promote Localized Efforts to Reduce Environmental Exposure (APPLETREE)
Dr Craig Dietrich Manager  - Toxicologist
Alex Wu Epidemiologist
Vacant Health Educator
National Toxic Substance Incidents Program (NTSIP)
Greg Williams Project Coordinator
Cancer Study Investigations
Sam LeFevre Manager  
Healthy Homes (Lead, Mold, Radon and Carbon Monoxide Poisoning)
Sam LeFevre Program Manager
Greg Williams Manager  
Mark Jones Project Coordinator
Sam LeFevre Manager  
Fish Advisories
Sam LeFevre Manager  
Administrative Contacts
Robert Rolfs State Epidemiologist
Teresa Garrett Division Director
Jennifer Brown Bureau Director
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