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HAI Work Group or HAIWG

Mission Statement

To improve healthcare in Utah by the prevention and reduction of HAI’s through dissemination and implementation of evidence-based infection prevention practices, and education of healthcare systems and consumers. 

To support Infection Preventionists in Utah through professional education, promotion of standardized surveillance definitions, and the development of resources.

The HAIWG was established in 2005 and is comprised of individuals representing healthcare facilities and systems throughout Utah, the Utah Chapter of the  Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC), Utah Department of Health (UDOH),  Utah Hospital and Health Systems Association (UHA), Utah Healthcare Association (UHCA), and HealthInsight, a private, non-profit community based organization dedicated to improving the healthcare systems of Utah.


Work group chairs:

Rouett Abouzelof, RN, MSN, CIC
Aaron Spilker, RN, BS