Epidemological Characteristics of 2004-2005 Influenza Season 
Demographics: Data for 3263 reported influenza cases (09/01/04 to 04/30/05)
Gender % Age Information Years
Male 48.2% Average Age 23.1
Female 50.0% Median Age 19
Unknown 1.8% Range 5 days - 94 years
Percentage of Cases by Age Group Pediatric Deaths
Age Range % of Reported Cases There have been no reported pediatric deaths due to influenza to date. Pediatric deaths due to influenza should be reported to your local health department or the Utah Department of Health (1-888-EPI-UTAH).
0-4 years 25.5%
5-24 years 31.1%
25-64 years 37.0%
65 and older 5.2%
Unknown 1.2%
2004-2005 Influenza-Related Hospitalizations 2003-2004 Influenza-Related Hospitalizations
*Total Known Cases (70.67% of all cases) Total Known Hospitalizations % *Total Known Cases (13.60% of all cases) Total Known Hospitalizations %
2306 238 10.3% 866 228 26.3%
*Hospitalization status is known for a portion of reported influenza cases. Influenza-related hospitalization data is a better indicator of the severity of an influenza season than number of cases.  However, there is not enough historical data available from previous influenza seasons to make a good comparison with this season. 
Note: Hospitalization data for the 2003-2004 season has been updated based on different methodology. Current figures are more accurate.