HMO Satisfaction Survey Results:

How Commercially-Insured Utahns Felt About Their HMO Plans In 1996

Results of a Survey of Commercially-Insured Enrollees of 5 of Utah's HMOs

(Released on July 3rd, 1997)

Table of Contents
Choosing an HMO
Executive Summary
About This Report
About the Survey...
Overall Satisfaction with Health Plan
Customer Loyalty: Intention to Switch Health Plans at Next Opportunity
Customer Loyalty: Would Enrollees Recommend their Health Plan to Friends and Family?
Overall Quality of Medical Care and Services
Range of Services Covered by Medical Plans
Number of Doctors Enrollees Have to Choose from
How Well Medical Care Meets Enrollees' Needs
Ease of Choosing a Personal Physician
How Well People and Different Departments Communicate in Order to Deliver Care and Services
The Outcome of Enrollees' Medical Care
Aspects of health plan and care evaluated in this survey