ICD-9 Input Format

For this ICD-9 (self define) field, it supports directly input. you can input ICD-9 code in the following ways:

1. Single ICD-9 code
just input the ICD-9 code.
e.g. E890
or e.g. E890.2

2. Multiple ICD-9 codes
you can input multiple ICD-9 codes, seperate them by a space.
e.g. 234.2 456.7 678.9

or you can input them in several lines.
e.g. 234.2

3. ICD-9 code range
you can input ICD-9 code in a range by using a dash -.
e.g. 123.4 - 125.9

4. Combination
you can combine all above together only if you can understand them.
e.g. 123.4 234.5
     456.1 - 456.9
     567.0 - 567.9
     E890 - E891

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