immunization Exemptions

A parent may claim an exemption to immunization for medical, religious, or personal reasons, as allowed by Section 53A-11-302 of the Utah Statutory Code.

53A-11-302. Immunizations required -- Exceptions -- Grounds for exemption from required immunizations.

(1) A student may not enter school without a certificate of immunization, except as provided in this section.

(2) A student who at the time of school enrollment has not been completely immunized against each specified disease may attend school under a conditional enrollment if the student has received one dose of each specified vaccine prior to enrollment.

(3) A student is exempt from receiving the required immunizations if there is presented to the appropriate official of the school one or more of the following:

    (a) a certificate from a licensed physician stating that due to the physical condition of the student one or more specified immunizations would endanger the student's life or health;

    (b) a completed form obtained at the local health department where the student resides, providing: (i) the information required under Subsection 53A-11-302.5(1); and
    (ii) a statement that the person has a personal belief opposed to immunizations, which is signed by one of the individuals listed in Subsection 53A-11-302(3)(c) and witnessed by the local health officer or his designee; or

    (c) a statement that the person is a bona fide member of a specified, recognized religious organization whose teachings are contrary to immunizations, signed by one of the following persons:
    (i) one of the student's parents;
    (ii) the student's guardian;
    (iii) a legal age brother or sister of a student who has no parent or guardian; or (iv) the student, if of legal age.