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Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) Yellow Fever Vaccine Training Course

CDC’s Travelers’ Health Branch has created an online course for healthcare providers to learn more about yellow fever disease and yellow fever vaccine. Continuing Education Credit will be available for physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and health educators who complete both lessons of the course. All yellow fever vaccinators in Utah are required to complete this training course and submit their certificate of participation before administering vaccine. The course may be taken on a credit or non-credit basis. The training will take approximately two hours to complete and contains the following lessons.

Lesson 1: Yellow Fever: History, Epidemiology, and Vaccine Information
Lesson 2: The Pre-travel Consultation and Best Practices for Yellow Fever Vaccine Providers and Clinics

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Annual Renewal of Yellow Fever Provider Site Authorization

Renewal of authorization for yellow fever vaccination sites is completed through an annual survey which collects updated clinic contact information, a current list of vaccinators at the clinic and services offered. Certificates of completion of the CDC Yellow Fever Training Course for any new vaccinator listed must accompany the annual renewal form, and the form must contain the original signature of the authorized stamp owner.

Resources for Yellow Fever Vaccination Centers

How to complete a valid International Certificate of Vaccination and Prophylaxis (ICVP) for yellow fever vaccinations

Sample of valid ICVP

Medical Waivers
The waiver needs to state the medical reason the person cannot receive vaccination. The waiver should be written on letterhead stationery and should include yellow fever stamp to validate it. The Medical Contraindication section of the ICVP should also be completed. Both documents should be carried while traveling.

Sample of Medical Contraindication ICVP

Ordering International Certificates of Vaccination
Clinics may purchase ICVPs, CDC 731 (formerly PHS 731), from the U.S. Government Printing Office, 866-512-1800). The stock number is 017-001-00567-3 for 25 copies and 017-001-00566-5 for 100 copies.

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