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Utah Public Health Laboratory

Brucella species (Brucellosis)

Fee: Please refer to fee schedule

Ordering Recommendation

All clients – Contact Utah Public Health Laboratory prior to submitting specimens.


Sunday - Saturday as required.


LRN Protocols


<1-7 days

Specimen Required

  • Collect:Culture isolate, blood, bone marrow, joint or abdominal fluid, spleen, liver or abscess.
  • Specimen Preparation:

Blood or bone marrow – These are the sources from which Brucella spp. is most often isolated. Standard blood culturing systems. Transport at room temperature. NOTE: Whole blood collected in blue, purple or green top tubes may be requested for additional tests.

Joint or abdominal fluid – Collect directly into appropriate blood culture bottle. Transport at room temperature.

Spleen, Liver, or abscess – Brucella spp. are occasionally isolated from these sources. Selected media can be used for isolation of Brucella spp. from specimens with mixed flora. Specimens should be refrigerated at 2-8° C until inoculation. Tissue must be kept moist. Add several drops of sterile saline if necessary

  • Storage/Transport Conditions:For transport time >1h and <24h, refrigerate at 2 to 8°C. Culture isolates may be transported at room temperature.
  • Unacceptable Conditions:Calcium alginate or cotton swabs, swabs with wooden shaft, or dry swabs.
  • Remarks:
  • Stability:Transport directly to laboratory at room temperature. For transport time >1 h and < 24 h, refrigerate at 2 to 8°C.


Detected or Not Detected Recovered or Not Recovered

Interpretive Data

Brucella species DNA detected or not detected by PCR.

Brucella species recovered or not recovered from culture.


It is mandatory that UPHL be contacted prior to submitting samples for testing.

Cross References

American Society of Microbiology Sentinel Level Clinical Laboratory Guidelines