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Utah Public Health Laboratory

Clinical Laboratory Certification (CLIA)

This program operates under the authority of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services enforcing clinical laboratory regulations. The Utah Department of Health contracts with the federal government inspecting clinical laboratories within the state. Facilities performing any testing of human samples for the purpose of assessing a condition or diagnosing an illness are considered a laboratory and are subject to these regulations.

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Federal CLIA Home Page
CLIA Application   CLIA Application (CMS 116 Form)
  CLIA Ownership & Controlling Interest Disclosure Form
        CLIA Regulations 42 CFR Part 493
        Survey Procedures and Interpretive Guidelines
Quality Assurance
  QA for Moderate/High Complexity Labs (including PPM)
  QA for Waived Labs
  IQCP Workbook
Additional Information
        CLIA Approved Laboratories
        CLIA Laboratory Registry
  CLIA Approved Proficiency Testing Programs
  CLIA Certificate Types
  CLIA Provider Performed Microscopy (PPM) Test List
  CLIA Waived Test List

        CLIA Test Complexity (Categorization)
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