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Utah Public Health Laboratory

Contact Us

Main Contact
(801) 965-2400 or
Robyn Atkinson-Dunn, PhD Director
Brent H. Curtis Assistant Director
Pam Oberg Administrative Secretary
Nancy Arbon Customer Service Manager
Chemical and Environmental Services Laboratory
  • General Inquiries: (801) 965-2400
  • Specific Questions: Contact Section Managers
Bret Van Ausdall, Ph.D. Director

Quality Assurance Section

Alia Rauf Quality Assurance Manager

Environmental (Water) Microbiology Section

Kyle Ashby, Ph.D. Manager
Othman Jaber Microbiologist/Chemist

Inorganic Chemistry Section

Steve Dickson Manager
Boyd Nielson Chemist
Omar Mullahkel Chemist
Chase Madsen Chemist

Metals Section

Robert Lo, M.S. Manager
Keith Henderson Chemist
Dave Schoettmer Chemist

Organic and Radiochemistry Section

Kyle Ashby, Ph.D. Manager
Jason Barnes Chemist
Rita Cheng, Ph.D. Chemist
Dave Fredrickson Chemist
Nick Oman Chemist

Chemical Threat Section

Bret Van Ausdall, Ph.D. CT Coordinator/Chemist
Ed Harrison Chemist
Merril Chipman Chemist
Lab Certification

Environmental Laboratory Certification

Utah Public Health Laboratory
4431 South 2700 West
Taylorsville UT 84129-8600
FAX: (801) 965-2544
Kristin Brown Program Manager
Robert Aullman Certification Officer

Clinical Laboratory Certification

Utah Public Health Laboratory
4431 South 2700 West
Taylorsville, Utah 84129-8600
FAX: (801) 965-2544
Jan Case Program Manager
Dianne Whitlock Certification Officer
Sample Receiving

Utah Public Health Laboratory
4431 South 2700 West
Taylorsville, Utah 84129-8600
FAX: (801) 965-3238
Colleen Robley Section Manager
Charris Wayman Clinical Sample Receiving Team Lead
David Dick Environmental Sample Receiving Team Lead
Infectious Diseases Laboratory

Immunology & Virology Laboratory

Michelle Mendenhall, M.S. Section Manager
Kelly Holmes Microbiologist
Kyle Spackman Microbiologist
Sincere Jackson Microbiologist
Amanda Delgado Microbiologist
Kari Hewitt Microbiologist

Bacteriology, Tuberculosis, Food Bacteriology Laboratory

Chad Campbell Section Manager
Stephanie McGee Microbiologist
Lori Smith, MT(ASCP) Microbiologist

Molecular Laboratory

Jana Coombs, SV, M(ASCP), RM(AAM) Section Manager
Kim Christensen Microbiologist
Jenni Wagner Microbiologist
Annette Atkinson Microbiologist
Teri Bills Microbiologist
Jackie McGee Lab Technician
Newborn Screening Laboratory
Andy Rohrwasser, PhD, MBA Newborn Screening Director
Robyn Weaver Microbiologist
Paul Ince Microbiologist
Tony Gaglio Microbiologist
Erinn Hardin Microbiologist
Forensic Toxicology Laboratory
General email addresss  


Gambrelli Layco Chief Forensic Scientist
Marcel Bibeault Forensic Scientist Manager
Tiffany Berardi Forensic Scientist Manager

Quality Assurance

Deki Kelsang Forensic Scientist/ Quality Assurance Manager

Outreach and Training

Nghia Nguyen Forensic Scientist/ Outreach Coordinator
Tian Liang-Grosshans Forensic Scientist

Instrument Leads

R. Russell Shamo Method Development Lead/ Forensic Scientist
Yuta Uemura Instrument Maintenance Lead/ Forensic Scientist

Evidence Accessioning

Alyssa Gulrajani Evidence Technician
Mary Pahoundis Evidence Technician