To be eligible for child care payments from DWS, you need a current Child Care License or Residential Certificate or a DWS FFN Child Care Approval. Below are the steps to receive an initial DWS FFN Child Care Approval.

1. READ THE DWS FFN CHILD CARE PROVIDER REQUIREMENTS. These are the requirements for receiving and maintaining a DWS FFN Child Care Approval. Click here for the requirements.

2. SUBMIT AN ON-LINE APPLICATION. Click here to complete and submit the application. After your application is received you will receive an email with information about your Child Care Licensing Portal.

3. SUBMIT AN ON-LINE BACKGROUND SCREENING FORM FOR EACH COVERED INDIVIDUAL. If care will be in your home, Covered Individuals are you and everyone 12-years-old and older who live in your home. If care will be in the child(ren)'s home, Covered Individuals are you and everyone 12-years-old and older who live in the child(ren)'s home, except DWS customers and siblings younger than 18-years-old. To submit the form(s):
  1. First, each Covered Individual must complete and submit an on-line Background Screening Form to you. Click here for the form.
  2. Then you must submit the form(s) to the Background Screening Unit through your Child Care Licensing Portal. To do this: Go to the Care About Child Care website at and click "Providers" at the bottom of the home page. Then enter your Username and Password and click "Login". Click "Child Care Licensing Portal" and then click "Background Screenings". In the "Pending Screenings for Covered Individuals" section, click "Authorize" for each individual whose form you must submit. The form(s) will not be submitted until you authorize them.
  3. Then you must submit fingerprint cards and the fingerprint processing fee for each Covered Individual who is 18-year-old or older. Fingerprints can be done at a Care About Child Care Agency, a police station, or a Public Safety Building. Before having Live Scan (digital) fingerprints done any place other than a Care About Child Care Agency, you must contact Joan Isom, the Background Screening Supervisor, at or 801-273-2859. Fingerprint cards and checks or money orders are to be mailed to Child Care Licensing, PO Box 142003, Salt Lake City, UT 84114-2003. Credit card payments can be made by calling 801-374-7688, 801-273-6617, or 801-273-2094.
4. READ THE INFORMATION IN THE DWS FFN TRAINING PACKET. This includes information for the health and safety of children in care. Click here for the packet.

5. SUBMIT YOUR ANSWERS TO THE NEW PROVIDER ORIENTATION TEST. After you read the information in the DWS FFN Training packet, complete the New Provider Orientation test. You must score at least a 90% on this test. Click here to complete and submit the test.

6. HAVE AN INSPECTION OF THE HOME WHERE CARE WILL BE PROVIDED. After your application is received, a licensor will contact you with the date and time of this inspection. You must be in compliance with all regulations at this inspection or show compliance by the Correction Date. Click here for the Health and Safety Regulations.
You must have a current First Aid certification and a current CPR certification. The First Aid certification can be from any First Aid class. The CPR certification must be from a Red Cross, American Heart, or equivalent class that included hands-on testing. You can contact your local Care About Child Care Agency for information about First Aid and CPR classes. Click here for contact information for the Care About Child Care agencies.

Need help paying for your First Aid and/or CPR class? You can be reimbursed for half of the cost of your First Aid/CPR class (up to 50 dollars). Click here for the First Aid and CPR Reimbursement Application.