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New Choices Waiver

Important Program Changes

The New Choices Waiver program is designed to serve people who have been residing long term in a nursing facility, licensed assisted living facility, licensed small health care (Type N) facility or other Utah licensed medical institution that is not an institution for mental disease (IMD). The program provides supportive services to enable individuals to live in their own homes or in other community-based settings.

Individuals who are not actively residing in one of the above qualifying facility types are not eligible to apply for the New Choices Waiver program. Please contact the New Choices Waiver program office to learn more about the length of stay criteria in each type of qualifying facility. The New Choices Waiver program office can be reached at (800)662-9651, option 6.

Reserved Slots:

  • The majority of available waiver slots will be reserved for long term residents of nursing facilities, hospitals and other Utah licensed medical institutions (excluding institutions for mental disease).
  • The existing admission policies for this group have not changed.
  • Residents of nursing facilities, hospitals or other Utah licensed medical institutions (non-IMD) are NOT limited to the open application periods listed below and may submit an application at any time during the year until the reserved slots are full.

Non-Reserved Slots:

  • For individuals wishing to access one of the remaining non-reserved slots, applications will only be permitted during three open application periods each year. The actual number of individuals admitted during each application period will be limited. Applicants who have lived in a qualifying facility type the longest will be given preference.

    The open application schedule will be as follows:

    • July 1 - July 14
    • November 1 – November 14
    • March 1 – March 14

    Applications must be date stamped with a date that falls within the application period dates in order to be considered. (Fax date stamp, USPS post mark, or secure email received date stamp.)

  • The length of stay requirement is 365 days for people applying to the New Choices Waiver program from licensed ALFs and Type N facilities. To meet this criterion, applicants must have satisfied the full 365 days on or before the last day of the open application period in which t​​hey apply.

The New Choices Waiver program has updated its application materials. Old applications are not valid, so please contact the program office to request an updated application. (800) 662-9651, option 6.


Services Available Through the New Choices Waiver Program:

Adult Day Care

Adult Residential Services

Assistive Technology Devices

Attendant Care

Caregiver Training

Case Management

Chore Services

Consumer Preparation Services

Emergency Response Systems

Environmental Accessibility Adaptations

Financial Management Services

Habilitation Services

Home Delivered Meals

Homemaker Services

Community Transition Services

Medication Assistance Services

Non-medical Transportation

Personal Budget Assistance

Respite Care

Specialized Medical Equipment

Supportive Maintenance