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Medicaid Autism Related Services

Medicaid autism spectrum disorder (ASD) related services are available to Medicaid members under 21 who qualify for the Child Health Evaluation and Care (CHEC) program. For more information on CHEC, visit the following link

Our current policy can be found in the ASD Related Services Provider Manual.

Resources for Parents

The following resources are available to help parents understand program requirements and how to access services:

  • NEW! Find a Provider Tool - Use this tool to locate providers in your area.
  • Accessing Medicaid Autism Related Services - Frequently Asked Questions from Parents and Families
  • Impact on Medicaid Autism Waiver Clients - Frequently Asked Questions from Parents and Families (Coming Soon)
  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Services Providers- Enrolled Providers and Contact Information (Coming Soon)

Resources for Providers

Resources for Providers can be found on our site at: