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HCBS Transition Planning

Utah HCBS Settings Transition Planning Portal

This website will provide access to the latest updates on the HCBS Transition Plan for the State of Utah as well as provide a means to sign-up for list-servs, and provide feedback on the Transition Plan, and its associated tools and publications.


Documents For Open Meeting on August 20, 2018

Handouts pertaining to the Open Meeting on Center-based Employment may be found here.

Documents Available for Public Comment

The State has made revisions/created materials in its ongoing work with the HCBS Settings Transition. These documents are available for public comment between July 29, 2016 through August 28, 2016.

-Statewide Transition Plan (Version 4) with Appendix

-Crosswalk of State Administrative Rules/Policies and Planned Remediation

Submitting Feedback

Public Comments can be submitted in a variety of ways, including online. To find out how to submit public comment please visit our "Submit Public Comments" page.


HCBS Settings Provider Self-Assessment Tools

During the week of April 25th, 2016 providers were mailed letters outlining all of the settings that they will need to complete a self-assessment for. The State identified Residential and Non-Residential sites that were known. Providers will be expected to complete the appropriate survey for any setting they manage and to provide information about locations that they no longer have.

Copy of the Letter Mailed to all Waiver Providers with Settings Identified for Review

Provider Self-Assessment Survey - Residential (PDF)

Provider Self-Assessment Survey - Residential (Excel)

Provider Self-Assessment Survey - Non-Residential (PDF)

Provider Self-Assessment Survey - Non-Residential (Excel)

Self-Assessment Instructions

Settings Transition Presentation Slides (From Stakeholder Meetings)

Sample Self-Assessment

In addition, as providers note areas they are not in full compliance with, they are encouraged to begin creating a plan of correction prior to receiving any addition communication from the State. The following tool has been developed to help providers plan for these changes:

Remediation plans may also be submitted at the same mailing/fax/email addresses as the Self-Assessment Surveys. (Please refer to the 'Self-Assessment Instructions' above).

Finding Documents

All documents are posted on our "Documents and Handouts" page. This includes the current and other iterations of the Transition Plan, as well as periodic reports, tool-kits, and other resources.

Signing-Up for Email Updates

In order to receive email updates regarding the Transition Plan and its associated tools and publications, please sign-up for our listserv. Instructions for signing-up for the HCBS Transition Planning list-serv can be found on our "HCBS Transition Planning Listserv" page.