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Let Your Voice Be Heard

Participate in improving the health of Utah’s mothers and children! Please take a few minutes to review the Maternal and Child Health (MCH) program activities proposed to address their needs. We welcome your ideas, comments, and concerns. Public input is a valued part of the annual MCH Block Grant application process. Your input will be carefully considered for incorporation into the MCH Title V FY2017 Application.

We Need Your Input!

Every year the Utah Department of Health submits an application for federal Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Block Grant funds. The MCH Block Grant provides more than $5 million to the State to address maternal and child health priorities. Part of the application process is to involve individuals like you, by asking for input on the upcoming year's application. We are asking you to take time to review the materials provided below and give us your comments on activities we are proposing to address health care needs for mothers and infants, children, and children with special health care needs in Utah for the FY17.

The federal MCH monies allow the Utah Department of Health to allocate funds for a wide range of public health services on the state and local levels that benefit the health of mothers and children. The Utah Department of Health Division of Family Health and Preparedness is responsible for the administration of the federal MCH Block Grant funds received by the State.

How can you help?

The document below contains proposed annual health goals and activities. Please review and submit comments for any of the issues or sections. We realize that not everyone is interested in all three groups served by these funds: mothers, children, and children with special health care needs. You may comment on all sections or only those of interest to you.

The review document is a listing of key health needs and activities that the Department is proposing for the federal MCH application. While they do not include the full range of activities the Department will focus on, they do address the most pressing needs of Utah mothers and children. Thank you for your time and interest.

Please submit your comments by Monday, May 30, 2016

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