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Health Care Statistics
This site provides health care information to the public. It includes baseline morbidity and provider performance data and trends and serves as a statistical and technical resource for data suppliers and users.

IBIS-PH provides information on the health status of Utahns, the state of the health care system and Utah public health services. Use this site to query health data directly. Published reports and dynamic indicator profiles are found here.

Vital Records
The Office of Vital Records and Statistics documents and certifying the facts of births, deaths and family formation. Use this site to locate data on marriages and divorces, top baby names, and information on births and deaths statewide.

Health Data
This site links to IBIS, Vital Records and Statistics, Health Care Statistics, U.S. Census comparisons, U.S. Bureau of Justice statistics and a link to the Utah Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget. A search engine helps visitors locate Department publications.

Health Milestones
Health Milestones is a summary of important accomplishments of the Utah Department of Health. Milestones are available from 2002 to the present.

Department-Level Public Hearings
Notices of department-level public hearings are posted on this page.

National Health Observances
National health observances are days, weeks, or months devoted to promoting particular health concerns. This sit provides a comprehensive listing of those observances.

UDOH Position Statements
When needed, the Utah Department of Health issues position statements on critical issues. The statements on this page are listed by date, beginning with the most recent.

GRAMA Form and Fees

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