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Historical Fee Schedules

The following tables list CPT codes and their Utah Medicaid payment amounts.

Current Dental Terminology, fourth edition (CDT) (including procedure codes, definitions (descriptors) and other data) is copyrighted by the American Dental Association. 2008 American Dental Association. All rights reserved. Applicable FARS/DFARS Apply.


These Excel files are compressed down to a "zip" file.

As of 12/06/2011 FeeSchedule(2011-12-06).zip

As of 11/01/2011 FeeSchedule(2011-11-01).zip

As of 10/01/2011 FeeSchedule(2011-10-01).zip

As of 09/06/2011 FeeSchedule(2011-09-06).zip

As of 08/01/2011 FeeSchedule(2011-08-01).zip

As of 07/01/2011 FeeSchedule(2011-07-01).zip

As of 06/06/2011 FeeSchedule(2011-06-06).zip

As of 05/02/2011 FeeSchedule(2011-05-02).zip

As of 04/04/2011 FeeSchedule(2011-04-04).zip

As of 03/01/2011 FeeSchedule(2011-03-01).zip

As of 02/01/2011 FeeSchedule(2011-02-01).zip

As of 01/03/2011 FeeSchedule(2011-01-03).zip

As of 12/06/2010 FeeSchedule(2010-12-06).zip

As of 11/01/2010 FeeSchedule(2010-11-01).zip

As of 10/11/2010 FeeSchedule(2010-10-11).zip

As of 10/04/2010 FeeSchedule(2010-10-04).zip

As of 09/07/2010 FeeSchedule(2010-09-07).zip

As of 08/02/2010 FeeSchedule(08-02-10).zip

As of 07/06/2010 FeeSchedule(07-06-10).zip

As of 06/01/2010 FeeSchedule(06-01-10).zip

As of 05/03/2010 FeeSchedule(05-03-10).zip

As of 04/05/2010 FeeSchedule(04-05-10).zip

As of 03/24/2010 FeeSchedule(03-24-10).zip

As of 03/01/2010 FeeSchedule(03-01-10).zip

As of 02/01/2010 FeeSchedule(02-01-10).zip

As of 01/04/2010 FeeSchedule(01-04-10).zip

As of 12/01/2009 FeeSchedule(12-01-09).zip

As of 11/02/2009 FeeSchedule(11-02-09).zip

As of 10/05/2009 FeeSchedule(10-05-09).zip

As of 09/08/2009 FeeSchedule(09-08-09).zip

As of 08/03/2009 FeeSchedule(08-03-09).zip

As of 7/1/2009 FeeSchedule(07-01-09).zip

As of 6/1/2009 FeeSchedule(06-01-09).zip

As of 5/4/2009 FeeSchedule(05-04-09).zip

As of 4/2/2009 FeeSchedule(04-02-09).zip
As of 3/2/2009 FeeSchedule(03-02-09).zip
As of 2/2/2009 FeeSchedule(02-02-09).zip
As of 1/5/2009 FeeSchedule(01-05-09).zip
As of 12/15/2008 FeeSchedule(12-15-08).zip
As of 10/13/2008 FeeSchedule(10-13-08).zip
As of 9/2/2008 FeeSchedule(09-02-08).zip
As of 8/4/2008 FeeSchedule(08-04-08).zip
As of 6/30/2008 FeeSchedule(06-30-08).zip
As of 6/2/2008 FeeSchedule(06-02-08).zip
As of 5/1/2008 FeeSchedule(05-01-08).zip
As of 4/1/2008 FeeSchedule(4-1-08).zip
As of 1/2/2008 FeeSchedule(1-2-08).zip
As of 10/1/2007 FeeSchedule(10-01-07).zip
As of 8/23/2007 FeeSchedule(08-23-07).zip
As of 8/13/2007 FeeSchedule(08-13-07).zip
As of 7/9/2007 FeeSchedule(07-09-07).zip
As of 7/2/2007 FeeSchedule(07-02-07).zip
As of 4/2/2007 FeeSchedule(04-02-07).zip
As of 3/5/2007 FeeSchedule(03-05-07).zip
As of 2/16/2007 FeeSchedule(02-16-07).zip
As of 7/26/2006 FeeSchedule(07-01-06)
As of 3/7/2006 FeeSchedule(03-07-06).zip
As of 9/16/2005 FeeSchedule(09-16-05).zip

These Excel files are compressed down to self extracting files.

As of 05/05/2005 UMcd0505.exe
As of 11/12/2004 UMcd1104.exe
As of 8/31/2004 UMcd0804.exe
As of 1/24/2004 UMcd0104.exe
As of 10/10/2003 UMcd1003.exe
As of 7/3/2003 UMcd0703.exe
As of 4/18/2003 UMcd0403.exe
As of 2/21/2003 UMcd0203.exe
As of 10/1/2002 UMcd1002.exe
As of 4/1/2002 UMcd0402.exe
As of 7/1/2001 UMcd0701.exe
As of 6/8/2001 UMcd0601.exe
As of 4/5/2000 UMcd0400.exe
As of 8/3/1999 UMcd0899.exe


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