Utah's recent focus on methamphetamine has not only helped increase awareness throughout the State, but also helped generate questions. The Utah Department of Health has created this site to help provide some answers, and many resources for those seeking additional information regarding methamphetamine.

The site is particularly focused on the impacts of meth found in the environment, especially homes and other properties. Several highlights of this site include:

  • Fact sheet on methamphetamine decontamination
  • Brochures available for those involved in, or thinking about property transactions.
  • Decontamination section helps to explain the state rule and standard for when and how to decontaminate properties, and information regarding certified decontamination specialists
  • Toxicology section describes methodologies, chemicals involved, and associated affects
  • Current research on health concerns
  • Information and resources for children found in meth contaminated environments
  • What other states are doing and how Utah compares

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