Decontamination Standard

Properties can become contaminated from any kind of meth activity including production, smoking or other methods of use, cutting, selling, etc.

A FACT SHEET provides a snapshot of meth decontamination in Utah

Decontamination Standard

A meth lab, or clandestine drug lab, is where the drug is being actively produced. For more information about different types of labs and the chemicals involved in each, click here.

Under the current State Rule 392-600, when a property has been identified as a lab and has had police activity, decontamination is required. The current standard for decontamination is
1.0 µg/100cm² (micrograms per 100 centimeters squared).

***NOTE: This standard is currently undergoing revisions.

Specific requirements for decontamination can be found in the State Rule 392-600. Each local health department is authorized to create ordinances specific to their jurisdiction. Contacting your local health department before beginning the remediation (clean up) process is recommended.

Beginning in July 2009, the decontamination process will be required for all meth contaminated properties. Homes that have tested positive by a Certified Decontamination Specialist, or by a Licensed Environmental Health Scientist employed by a local health department will be required to follow the decontamination process.