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Family Planning Services in Utah
A Statewide Resource Guide

Why Family Planning is Important?
Services Available During a Family Planning Visit

Information on Natural Family Planning
Local Health Departments
Planned Parenthood Association
Community Health Centers
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Why Family Planning is important.....

Planning your future is important, especially when it comes to planning your family.  The Best Start for your future baby begins right now, before you get pregnant.  There are many things you and your partner can do to give your baby the best possible start.

Go to a clinic or health care provider for a physical exam and counseling.*  Go in for this visit at least three months before you want to become pregnant.  Ask your health care provider about taking vitamins like folic acid.  This is the time to plan ahead and learn about those things that you will need to know and do, to plan for your pregnancy and parenthood.

If you do not have a health care provider, there are a number of clinics throughout the state which provide family planning services.  Most services are on a "sliding fee scale," based upon income and family size.  However, this may differ among agencies.  When calling about clinics please ask about services, costs, and parental consent for birth control.**

*By state law, local health department clinics must require written parental consent to provide birth control services to unmarried minors under age 18. 

**Birth control services provided by Planned Parenthood Clinics do not require parental consent.

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Services Available During a Family Planning Visit Include:

  • Health History
  • Physical Examination (PAP Smear, Breast Examination, Blood Pressure Screening)
  • Lab Testing and Screening (Blood Iron Level, Blood Sugar Level, Measles Immunity, Urine Analysis, Sexually Transmitted Infections-STIs; HIV/AIDS,Pregnancy Test )
  • Birth Control - A method that is right for your health and personal needs, including natural family planning
  • Health Education - How to do a breast self-examination, available birth control methods(including risks and benefits)
  • Other Health Information before you plan your pregnancy - eating habits (nutrition)
  • Appropriate Referrals
  • Baby Your Baby - 1-800-826-9662  Financial assistance information, health education and referral for prenatal and well child care
  • Pregnancy RiskLine - 1-800-822-2229  A statewide service which answers questions about exposures during pregnancy and the risk to the fetus
  • WIC Supplemental Food and Nutrition Program - 1-877-942-5437  For women (pregnant and breastfeeding), infants and children through 4 years of age

Utah Department of Health, Division of Family Health and Preparedness, Maternal & Infant Health Program -
(801) 273-2871 

or click here for more information on family planning methods

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