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There is a new drug for women who have had a preterm baby that helps them avoid having their next baby born too early. This drug is used with women who were pregnant with one baby (not twins or triplets) at the time they delivered early. The drug is called 17P and is like the natural hormone made by a woman’s body called progesterone. Recent studies have shown that using 17P during pregnancy reduces the risk of having another preterm baby.

Because 17P is a new drug, there are some doctors and midwives who may not be using it with their patients yet. However, the nation’s leading group of pregnancy experts recommends that 17P be offered to all women who have had a prior preterm birth and are pregnant again.

If you want to use 17P the next time you are pregnant, you will need to make sure you see your doctor or midwife very early in your pregnancy. During your visit, ask your doctor or midwife about 17P. It is best to start taking this drug during the fourth month of pregnancy. In Utah 17P is made by a few local, licensed pharmacies. Medicaid and some other insurance companies will pay for 17P, but it does not cost very much. In fact, the drug may cost less than your insurance co-pay.