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Frequently Asked Questions

Medical Home

A medical home is not a hospital a home or a place. It is the way your doctor gives medical care to you or your family. In the Medical Home, you are the most important person in your child's life and your doctor listens to you because you know what your child needs. You are a partner in the care of your child's special medical needs and are entitled to receive correct information about health concerns and make health care choices for your child. The Medical Home is:

  • Family Centered: you are a partner with the doctor.
  • Consistent: the same doctor sees your child all the time.
  • Complete/Comprehensive Support: Someone is always there any time, day or night, to take care of your child.
  • Coordinated Care: The doctor talks to specialists your child sees, helps with school plans and gives referrals when needed.
  • Concerned: Your doctor is concerned about you, your child and family
  • Culturally Aware/Sensitive: Your doctor includes your religious and cultural needs in planning with you the care of your child

The Medical Home benefits children with special health care needs and their families by creating a place for families to go for ideas and help to solve problems about the child's health or other issues while they grow. It also provides someone to help manage and sort the services a child needs and gets. Health care procedes more smoothly when parents, doctors and medical home staff work together

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