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Obtaining an Acceptable Newborn Screening Specimen

The Utah Department of Health laboratory receives hundreds of Newborn Screening specimens each week that are missing vital information or have blood that is unsatisfactory for testing. This causes delays in screening and puts infants at risk.

Obtaining a valid, testable specimen on a card that has been completely filled out, is vital to the well-being of Utah's newborns.

Instructions on filling out the newborn screening card

Newborn Screening Training Video Part 1 Part 2

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Unsatisfactory Specimens

Blood Specimen Collection Procedure

Postal Regulations

For detailed information on collecting a perfect specimen every time, and who is responsible when a specimen is unsatisfactory, please see the Provider's Handbook.

We appreciate being able to assist you in the care of Utah's newborns. If you would like a representative to come to your facility to assist in training please contact us.