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Frequently Asked Questions

Teacher with StudentsIs Gold Medal Schools hard to implement?
No, in a study conducted by Lighthouse Research School Coordinators and Principals rated the ease of implementing GMS a 3.6 on a scale of 5 (5 being easy).

Does participating in the program take away from teaching time?
For some schools participating in Gold Medal Schools may take away from teaching time (e.g. walking the Gold Medal Mile, 90 Minutes of PE). However, many teachers have stated by taking this time for physical activity their students are more focused in the classroom and learning has actually increased.

Does signing up for the program cost the school money?
Signing up for Gold Medal Schools will not cost your school any money. By signing up you will be eligible to receive up to $1500 for completing criteria levels.

How fast does my school have to move through the criteria levels?
Schools can implement Bronze through Gold in one to three years. Platinum must be done by itself in a year and the Platinum Focus areas must also be completed by themselves in one year.

Does my school have to implement Recess Before Lunch to be a Gold Medal School?
No, a school can achieve the highest GMS level without changing to a recess before lunch schedule.

Do I need to hire a PE teacher/specialist to become a Gold Medal School?
No, one teacher per school can attend a GMS or District approved PE Training each year to fulfill the PE teacher/specialist policy (Gold #1).

Where do I find 90 minutes for structured PE during the school week?
In addition to a 30 minute PE class once a week, GMS offers a resource called 5 minute energizers. If they are used twice a day that adds 50 minutes to your week. You can also walk the Gold Medal Mile for an additional 15 minutes.

If we participate in the program can we still have class parties, carnivals, etc. that have food?
Yes, you can still have class parties, carnivals, assemblies, etc. that involve food.
Note: When your school reaches the Platinum level you will write a policy for healthy options to be available when food is offered.

Sometimes our teachers withhold recess, does this mean that we can't participate in the program?
Not withholding recess or PE is an optional criterion so your school can still be a Gold Medal School if recess or PE is withheld.

Can we sell food items as a fundraiser and still participate in the program?
Not selling food at fundraisers is an optional criterion so your school can still be a Gold Medal School if you participate in food fundraisers.

What are some of the resources offered to Gold Medal Schools?
See a complete list of resources

What other agencies are partnering with GMS?


GMS Partners include

  • Local School Districts and Elementary Schools
  • 12 Local Health Departments
  • Utah Parent Teacher Association
  • Utah State Office of Education
  • Utah Department of Health
    • Asthma Prevention and Control
    • Cancer Control
    • Child and Adolescent School Health
    • Diabetes Prevention and Control
    • Environmental Quality
    • Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention
    • Immunizations
    • Tobacco Prevention and Control
    • Violence and Injury Prevention