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Lesson Plans  

Teacher with StudentsWe want kids to know that being health-conscious doesn’t have to be “boring.” We hope you find these lesson plans beneficial in teaching nutrition, physical activity, and heart health in the classroom as well as in your home.


Grades 1-6

Grades 3-5
Eating Healthy, Getting Energy from Carbohydrates, Square Meal Comics, and more
Food and the Digestive System

Good Food, Good Health
Got Broccoli?
Incorporate nutrition into language arts, math, science, social studies, or music

Grades 9-12
Soft drink sales at school
Changing lifestyle and heart health

Physical Activity  

Grades K-6
See the Physical Activity Resources on page 30 of the Gold Medal Schools Guide Additional Resources for a complete list of lesson plans and physical activity resources.

Happy, Feet, Jump Rope Jam, Limbo Subtraction, and more

Grades 9-12
Motivating youth to get more exercise
Heart Health  

Ideas for teaching about heart health in all subjects.

For more health related lesson plans look at the Utah State Office of Education’s Core Curriculum.