Gold Medal Schools
 About the Program


Teacher with StudentsThe GMS Guide is a step-by-step guide to help your school implement the Gold Medal Schools program. Download the GMS Guide.

5 Minute Energizers are short activities that teachers can use in the classroom to provide physical activity for students. These energizers will help your students get 90 minutes of physical activity each week to complete Bronze Criteria #1. Download 5 Minute Energizers.

Rewards Kids Will Crave is a book that provides teachers with ideas for alternatives to food rewards. This book supports Gold Criteria #2. Download Rewards Kids Will Crave.

The Physical Activity Conversion Chart can help you convert various physical activities into miles walked. Download the Physical Activity Conversion Chart.

Lesson Plans to help you teach nutrition and physical activity. Go to lesson plans.

You Did It! is full of ideas for parents and teachers to motivate kids without using food. It is divided into sections for the classroom and home, and for older and younger children, so that ideas can easily be identified for the appropriate setting. Download You Did It!