Gold Medal Schools
About the Program

UDOH Role  
  • Students with TeacherProvide Webinar trainings to schools
  • Assist in reading and reviewing applications and determining which schools will be accepted in the GMS program
  • Provide resources to schools
  • Review all Mid- and End-Year reports and provide feedback to LHD
  • Gather awards and send them to LHD by End-Year assemblies
  • Distribute School Coordinator (SC) stipend
  • Lead monthly conference calls
  • Oversee the program state wide
Local Health Department (LHD) Role  
  • Act as a resource/support for schools
  • Read and review applications to determine which schools will be accepted in the GMS program
  • Participate in monthly conference calls
  • Attend webinars
  • Assist schools with End-Year assemblies and awards
  • Ensure that each school has a School Coordinator
  • Provide information to school regarding Mid- and End-Year Reports
  • Assist schools with transition
School Coordinator Role  
  • Complete Online Reports (2 times per year)
  • Write Policies
  • Complete SC Survey (2)
  • Attend Webinars
  • Motivate/re-motivate teachers, faculty, and staff (resources online: Page 5 of GMS Guide Additional Resources)
  • Provide website information to school regarding health events or activities (optional)
  • Meet with LHD (optional)
  • Plan Kick-Off and Awards Assemblies (optional-resources online: Page 3 of GMS Guide Additional Resources)
  • Record miles (optional-resources online)
  • Provide articles for school newsletter (optional-resources online: Page 13 of GMS Guide Additional Resources)

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