OME - Computer System

Computer System

A client-server database system is utilized to record and track information concerning cases reported to and investigated by the OME. This system was developed by the O.M.E. and Department of Health in conjunction with Rapid Software, LLC.

In addition to storing and sorting information about the deceased's identity, demographics and circumstances of death, the system also is able to track all aspects of the processing of any individual case including specifics of the examination, body processing, toxicologic testing, other lab tests and related information. Information regarding court appearances, records requests and other administrative data is also recorded in the database. Links with other data sources (such as ICD 9 codes entered by the Bureau of Vital Statistics) can be incorporated into the central database as well. The system also links case records with other files on the central server such as autopsy reports and investigative narratives. All the forms and labels needed for any particular case are generated and printed from the database.


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