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Utah Health Status Update
Interpersonal Violence in Utah
November 2017

UDOH Announcement -Diversity Training for Public Health Employees

Breaking News - Prevalence of Children with Special Health Care Needs

Community Health Indicators Spotlight -Utah Syringe Exchange Program

Monthly Health Indicator Report:Data through September 2017

Health Informatics Brown Bag

Newborn Screening: Informatics and Infancy
October 2017


Center for Health Data and Informatics Reports, Data Products, and Announcements
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IBIS-PH Updates

  • 2016 data added to Blood Lead query module
  • 2015 data added to PRAMS query module
  • NEW measures added to the BRFSS query module for
    • Disability Status and Type
    • Childhood Contributors
    • Mean for Frequency of Binge Drinking
    • Mean for Intensity of Binge Drinking

Office of Health Care Statistics

2016 Utah Healthcare Facilities Data Sets available as of October 2017
Request data at

Office of Vital Records and Statistics
2017 Annual Report on the Effectiveness of the Utah Mutual Consent, Voluntary Adoption Registry
October 2017

Other Utah Department of Health Publications

Healthcare-Associated Infections in Utah, 2016
October 2017

Tuberculosis in Utah, 2012-2016
October 2017

HIV Integrated Epidemiological Profile 2015
October 2017

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