Office of Public Health Assessment

Health Survey Program

The Survey Center Program purpose is to collect high quality general health data, through survey surveillance techniques, from the residents of Utah for the advancement of health and wellness in our communities.

Have you been contacted by the Utah Department of Health about participating in a health survey?

The UDOH sponsors many health surveys every year. The UDOH Survey Center administers only a few of these. Our main project is the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS), a statewide telephone survey that is part of a larger, national project. Currently we are contacting about 10,000 households across the state of Utah each year. This survey is conducted in a partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. You can find out more about the survey here or at

The Survey Center also participates in a project to collect more detailed information from Utah adults and children with asthma. The Asthma Callback Survey is conducted by calling back people who reported on the BRFSS ever having had a diagnosis of asthma. This survey is conducted every year and data are analyzed and used by the UDOH Asthma Program.

The Survey Center administers several smaller, ad hoc surveys each year. Topics for these surveys range from traffic safety to tobacco use and each year brings a new list of projects. For more information about specific surveys conducted by the UDOH Survey Center, contact Lynne MacLeod at 801-538-9466 or

Other departments within the UDOH conduct surveys relevant to their work using their own staff or outside vendors. For questions about other projects, you can call the Health Resource line at 888-222-2542.

The data from these surveys can be queried on IBIS at:

If you have questions about the Survey Center contact the Survey Center Manager, Lin-Marie Wright.