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The Office of Public Health Assessment houses the Data Dissemination Program, the Health Survey Program, and the Community and Population Health Assessment Program.

OPHA Vision: To provide an objective and integrated view of the health of the Utah population and Utah's health care delivery and statewide public health system.

OPHA Mission: Coordinate and perform the appropriate collection, analysis, interpretation, and reporting of accurate health, health care delivery, and public health system data to support surveillance, policy development, program planning and evaluation, and performance improvement.

IBIS-PH Website

The Public Health Indicator Based Information System (IBIS) was updated in July 2015 to include an improved user interface: health topics as an easier way to navigate and find information; new interactive maps, charts, and grids; resizes easier for use on mobile devices; and improved search capabilities.

IBIS-PH provides information on the health status of Utahns, the state of the health care system, and Utah public health activities. You can access published reports, dynamic indicator profiles, and even query health data directly.

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